Tech Specs

Knitting Factory Concert House
416 South 9th
Boise, ID 83702
208.367.1212 Box Office Message Line
208.343.8883 ext. 103 General Manager
208.343.8883 ext. 105 Production Manager
208.343.8884 Fax Line

General Information
The Knitting Factory Concert House has a 999-person capacity depending on stage and seating.

All videotaping requests must be advanced with Knitting Factory at least 3 days prior to the show date. A release or contract must be signed for any videotaping. Knitting Factory reserves the right to use any videotape taken on the premises. There may be fees associated with videotaping, which are the sole responsibility of the person videotaping the event.

All photographers and members of the press must obtain clearance from our Marketing Department. Our Marketing Director can be reached at 208.343.8883 ext. 115.

All guest-lists are due by 4 pm the day of the show.

The Knitting Factory Concert House requires that current Stage and Lighting Plots, Input Lists, Backline and Hospitality Riders be provided in advance directly to the Production Manager.

Closed Circuit video will be broadcast in-house only.

Production Specifications

Production Advance:
Contact Production Manager at 208.343.8883 ext. 105 for advance. PM may also be reached at 208.794.1004. Load-in, Catering, etc., must be advanced with the Production Manager. Nothing is to be assumed from riders.

Load-in & Parking:
Load in off of 9th street. One lane of traffic must be closed for bus or semi-truck load-in. This must be advanced 5 working days before show. Traffic cannot be blocked for more than a 2 hour period, unless approved by the Production Manager.

Bobtail- Back to loading dock

Bus w/Trailer- Load to street, ramp up to loading dock.

Semi-Truck- Load to street, ramp up to loading dock.

Freight elevator to get to stage level.
Elevator Door: 7’H x 4’W.
Elevator interior 7.5’H x 5.8′ W x 8’D elevator

Bobtail – Advance with Production Manager
Bus – Advance with Production Manager
Semi-Truck – Advance with Production Manager

Restrictions: Load-In is off of a busy downtown street, all load-ins must be advanced. Parking for busses and trucks is off site.
We are located in the heart of Downtown Boise, so parking is extremely limited. Please advance with Production Manager the number and type of vehicles you will be in.

Dressing Room:
16′ X 25′, Stage Right
Holds 10 people comfortably. Includes a TV with satellite reception, refrigerator, and comfortable furniture. Bathroom is located in the adjacent hallway.

10’ X 15’, Adjacent To Production Manager’s Office
Holds 6 people comfortably. Includes a TV, refrigerator, and comfortable furniture. Bathroom is located directly across the hall. This dressing room is typically reserved for the headlining act.

20’ X 25’, Directly Behind The Stage
Can be used for a third dressing room, or for band and crew catering.

Pipe and drape dressing rooms available to be built upon advance notice.


Front of house is located on the second level mezzanine of the venue. Consoles cannot be located on the first level due to City of Boise Fire Code.

FOH Specs

Console: Yamaha M7CL
Main Speakers: d&b Y Series Array (10)
Subs: d&b B2 (4)
Main Amps: d&b 30D
Sub Amps: d&b 30D
Front Fills: d&b E8 (2)

MON Specs

Console: Yamaha M7CL
Wedges: L-Acoustics 112P (4)
Meyer UMIP (6)
Meyer USMIP (1)
Side fills: Meyer CQ-1 (2)
Side fill Subs: EAW SB750 (2)
Amps: Crown 6002
Crossovers: Ashley 2001 4 channel 2-way (2)

Misc. Audio

Sub snakes: Whirlwind Medusa 12×0 (2)
Whirlwind Medusa 32×0
Mic Lines: 25′ (35)
50′ (6)

All dynamic processing (Compression and gating) is done with the Yamaha M7CL console.

Reverb & Delay:
All reverb and delay processing is done with the Yamaha M7CL console.

2 MP3 player lines available at FOH.
CD player available upon request.

Monitors Console:
Yamaha M7CL (Located stage right)

Graphic EQ’s
All graphic EQ’s for monitor mixes is done with the Yamaha M7CL console.

2 Ashley XR2001 Four channel-2 way (Stereo-3 way) crossovers for wedges.
1 DBX DriveRack PA for side-fills.

Monitor Power
4 Crown Power Tech 1’s (One Crown Power Tech 1 can provide power to the horns for two monitor wedges on one channel)
4 Crown Power Tech 3’s (One Crown Power Tech 3 can provide power to the woofers for two monitor wedges on one channel)
1QSC 5050 (Side-fill lows)

Monitor Wedges
6 EAW SM500 Wedges
2 Meyer UM 1P Wedges
1 Meyer USM 1P Wedge
1 Custom drum wedge (Two 15″ woofers, one 2″ compression driver)

Snakes, Subsnakes and Mic Cables
1 Radial two way, 50 channel splitter (Lines 1-48 from stage. Lines 49 & 50 are used as FOH returns.)
1 16 channel subsnakes1 24 channel subsnake
1 12 channel subsnake
40 25′ mic cables
6 50’ mic cables
A variety of microphones including: Shure SM57, SM58, and Beta 52A mics.

3 30 amp stage drops with two quad boxes on each drop
1 30 amp stage drop with three quad boxes
200 amp/3 phase tie in available upon request
Tie-ins must be advanced with Production Manager.


Jands HOG 500 (Intelligent lights)
Leprechaun LP1600 (Conventional lights)
Conventional Lights
48 Par 64’s (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL available upon request)
4 ETC Source 4 Lekos

Lee, Rosco and Gam gels available upon request

2 ETC Sensor 512 DMX Dimmer Racks (24 Channels Per Rack)

Intelligent Lighting
4 Lightwave Research Technobeams
3 Coemar Pro Spot 250XL’s
10 Coemar Pin Spot LED Truss Warmers
2 Martin Atomic 3K Strobes
4 Chauvet LED Strips (on upstage truss)

Haze and Fog Machines
1 American DJ Haze Generator
All hazers or foggers must be positioned and run with the approval of the Lighting Director.

400 Amp/3 Phase tie in available upon request
Tie-ins must be advanced with the Production Manager

Backline Equipment:
Backline availability per advance with Production Manager

Our stage can be configured to any size needed, from 4’ x 8’, all the way up to 24’ x 36’. Our roof height is 19.5’ from floor to ceiling, and 15.5’ from stage deck to ceiling.

From I-84 East, take the Broadway Exit , go to West Front Street, go left on West front Follow to 9th Street, go left on 9th Load-in is a loading dock on the left, directly after Broad Street (on the left). Main public entrance to the Knitting Factory is in the alley running between Broad and Myrtle Streets, halfway between 8th and 9th Streets.