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416 S. 9th St - Boise, ID 83702


CMMNWLTH started in the Spring of 2017 when Joe Calvi moved to Boise, ID, and recorded the six-song Commonwealth EP as a DIY solo-project - completely crowd-funded. Shortly after the release of the Kickstarter-backed EP, Joe's cousin Patrick - just 18 and only recently picking up the drums - suggested that he could be a good fit for the project. Following, the newly-formed two-piece played as many shows as they could in the valley. Garnering attention amongst peers, friends, and strangers alike, the two felt the impending need to round out their sound and push their creative limits, leading to the addition of husband-and-wife Nik and Kristen Verlennich. The final combination of the four has resulted in an original mix of lyrically-driven pop-punk bangers and ballads riddled with unexpected dissonance and bouts of noise rock.

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