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IMomSoHard is a popular web series on Facebook where two best friends, who happen to be moms, talk the good, the bad, and the funny about motherhood.  Now, these two are ready to leave the playroom and take the stage for IMomSoHard LIVE. The live performance will reflect the casual conversations about motherhood that have made their series so popular. 


IMomSoHard is a comedy duo made up of Kristin Hensley and

Jen Smedley.  Between the two of them, they have a lifetime of teaching, performing, and writing comedy.  They also spend holidays, birthdays, and football Saturdays together.  Both have two small children and two regular-sized husbands. So logically, their web series could only take place in a playroom with red wine.  Or mimosas.  Or chardonnay.


Hensley and Smedley embrace the short-hand moms share with one another.  They talk openly about Spanx, body hair, lack of bladder control, and delight in the process.  They poke fun at themselves and sometimes at each other, but this combo believes in positivity, support, and laughter.  And wine.  Lots of wine. 


Moms everywhere are toasting and laughing along with these ladies.  IMomSoHard has over 350,000 followers and nearly 20 million video views and building!

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