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416 S. 9th St - Boise, ID 83702

Emo Orchestra

For emo music lovers and orchestra aficionados alike, Emo Orchestra is a new live
experience that brings some of the most beloved emo songs of your youth to the
theater stage with a full orchestra arrangement. This show features a band from the
massively resurging Emo genre and pairs them with a thoughtfully curated, world-class
orchestra. This Spring, Emo Orchestra welcomes ESCAPE THE FATE as the featured
guest. The set list includes four songs from the featured artist’s catalog in addition to
13-15 other hits from the genre. Fans will hear ESCAPE THE FATE perform their own
hits as well as songs by Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, and
many more.
May 23 / The Egyptian Theatre
Show: 8:00 pm