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416 S. 9th St - Boise, ID 83702

Axiom Tha Wyze

Jordan Yocum became Axiom Tha Wyze shortly after he began to record his first tracks in 2009 with Andy O. at The College of Idaho’s studio, as well as with various other local artists in studios around Boise. It wouldn’t be until his and Andy’s 2013 release of The SmokeRoom League Mixtape Vol. I and co-current formation of both The Earthlings rap/hip-hop crew and the Earthlings Entertainment label that Axiom would begin to make big waves in the 208 hip-hop sphere.

Axiom Tha Wyze has spent most of his life in Boise and wears his rough edges with a sense of pride. His insatiable appetite for beats to tear up is evidenced by his notebooks, all filled to the brim with endless amounts of rhymes and bars. His raw, aggressive style stems from his East Coast Hip Hop influences from the likes of super-groups the Wu Tang Clan to Army of the Pharaohs while still spitting knowledge derived from KRS One and Afrika Bambaataa.This fire, coupled with a love for traditional boom-bap and independent hip-hop, sparked a strong performance on his first collaborative release, The SmokeRoom League Mixtape Vol. I.

This EP catalyzed a fruitful and long-standing relationship with Emanon Studios and earned Axiom a spot as one of Boise’s top hip-hop artists. Building upon his success, he would utilize his position as co-owner of Earthlings Ent. to help facilitate 208 Music’s Hip Hop Sundays and Rap Battles, as well as The Community All-Ages Hip-Hop Nights. Balancing business and artistry, he continues to create tracks and collaborate with a multitude of local artists. His joint-release of the track Hip Hop with Skilly Waves is a testament to the quality of work Ax continues to curate.

Ax’s short year in the game has been filled with accomplishment after accomplishment. Having opened artists including Mobb Deep, K.Flay, PsalmOne of Rhymesayers Ent., Louis Logic (formerly of the Demigodz), Onry Ozzborn of Oldominion and Grayskul, and rising independent artist Jay Tablet, have only furthered Axiom’s drive to elevate his game and reach heights attainable by only a few.

Ambition and an unstoppable, T1000-esque drive ensure that Axiom will continue to produce quality rap/hip-hop music that reaches the ears of the 208, and eventually the rest of the world.

So stay out of Axiom’s way. He will continue to grind and achieve success—come hell or high water.

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