Lady Bizness

Lady Bizness's Alisha Donahue and Jynx Jenkins are two sweet, smoky broads from Boise, ID who are winning at life. The two met as contestants in a stand-up comedy competition in 2013 and started the popular Lady Bizness Podcast the same year.

"What station is your blogisode on? I keep missing it!" - Moms 

The Ladies have a shared love of cardigans, pie, the quest for the perfect gravy boat and are both winters. In the search for stage fodder, Alisha and Jynx have found themselves in pole dancing class, hauled away in Porta-Potties and stalking the ice cream man.

"You ladies always have a scheme. It's like a rolling sitcom
with you two." - Dylan Cole, guy we know

To know them is to love them. Lady Bizness audience members like to say it feels like they're hanging out with old friends. Old hilarious friends. On stage, The Ladies' natural chemistry, conversational charm and quick wit transforms motherhood minutae into rollicking report.

"Damn you Lady Bizness and your perfectly natural stage chemistry!"
- ChaliVera, rival comedy duo

Alisha and Jynx have graced the stages of The Comedy Cellar in Dublin, Ireland; Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento, Ca; Pioneer Underground in Reno, NV; The Knitting Factory in Boise, ID; and The Comedy Womb in Seattle, WA. In October 2014, Lady Bizness was featured in the 2014 Boise Pridefest Fall Tour as "Boise's Queens of Comedy" and were voted Best Comedians in Boise by Boise Weekly. The Ladies are beloved regular features at Liquid Laughs in Boise.


Knitting Factory Concert House - BoiseBoise, ID
All Ages