Groggy Bikini

“Groggy Bikini - Turn On the Microwave and Dance to the Beep I'm slightly biased because they're buds, but these guys are our own hyperkinetic version of Devo, and like Strong Killings, deserve some big Seattle love. Herky and jerky, spastic and fantastic, Groggy Bikini is fronted by Jon Hale, who used to lead the much-loved Gorilla back in the pre-grunge days of this here town. He teamed up with a bunch of young 'uns and together they just go over-the-top nuts on their debut. Play this right after Strong Killings and you may never need coffee again. Hope they drop off some CDs to our store soon! Meantime, listen here.” — Rod Moody, Easy Street Records


Ramones Tribute Band - Gabba Gabba Heys 8:00 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
9th St. Parallel at Knitting FactoryBoise, ID
All Ages