Cornell "ZERO" Johnson (born and raised in San Bernardino, Ca) is a Hip Hop Artist based in Boise, ID. As an Artist who creates conscious music, he hopes to be able to open the minds of listeners and bring hip hop back to the art of storytelling. His music and lyrics tell a story in each song as he delivers poetry-like lyrics and messages about his life and life in general. Songs of anger, sadness, retaliation, and happiness, he can do it all.

ZERO has been writing songs since he was ten years old, and still continues to write lyrics, poetry, and stories to this day. His creativity and imagination is engulf with times of peace and war intertwined in his heart. As an Artist, he is committed to truthfully remaining grounded and making music that can identify with us all and changing the label "Rapper" to "Artist".

"If Music is Life, I will be the boombox to project our soundtrack." ZERO


Knitting Factory Concert House - BoiseBoise, ID
All Ages
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