Mortal Enemy

Mortal Enemy originated as a two-person studio project combining the musical talents of Todd Stover (former frontman of Boise acts Nitrus and Shattered Reality), and Sean Dealy (formerly a Seattle based guitarist and studio musician). In the beginning it was to be nothing more than two friends collaborating in the studio to create great music. Mortal Enemy has evolved Hyatt Heavirland with his percussive talents on the drums (formerly of Montana based Top Dead Center and Boise based Counterwise) and Shane Taylor (formerly of Boise's "Lucidious" and Montana based "Ravings of a Madman" and "Liquefaction") on bass guitar.


Starset, Veio, Mortal Enemy 7:30 PM | Doors: 6:30 PM
Knitting Factory Concert House - BoiseBoise, ID
All Ages
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