Man With A Mission

In the year of 19XX, the earth was in the flames of wartime. Nations against nations, humans against humans... The whole world was in an egotistical game of war to scramble for someone else's wealth and fame. In the meantime, in the farthest land called "Electric Ladeeland," there lived a genius biologist named Jimee Hendrixx (hobby: guitar) who was about to finish off a mad science experiment for...a pack of ultimate creatures, "MAN WITH A MISSION(MWAM).”

Are they human? Are they wolves? They may come off quite comical at a glance, but they have an incredible brain and a superhuman physique. As they possessed such superb abilities to carry out challenging top secret missions, powerful leaders around the world wouldn't leave them alone. Infamously evil leaders of the world had them work in the dark shadows of history in various corners around the world. Jimee grieved in guilt and regret that his creations had contributed to the evil deeds in the dark shadows of history and decided to put an end to it. He wanted to make sure that they wouldn't fall into the hands of the evil again, so he froze them to eternal sleep in a far edge of the world. To express his determination not to let his creativity rule over him ever again, Jimee burned his guitar. He managed to escape from the hands of the evil three times, but he couldn’t shake the death off his destiny in the end. Payoff for his death was to keep MWAM frozen under the glaciers down in the North Pole. Jimee’s last words were, “I’ll try getting a straight perm in my next life.”

Time passed by and the year of 2010. The earth had gone through worldwide economic crisis, countless political and social tensions across borders, and problems of global warming. But now, who would have thought this earth-threatening global warming would bring MWAM back to life? It melt down MWAM’s icy caskets that Jimee jeopardized his life for. MWAM was awaken from eternal sleep! Are they justice for this world? Or nothing else but evil?

“MAN WITH A MISSION” is now back on the mission around the world!!


Jimmy Eat World, Man With A Mission 8:30 PM | Doors: 7:30 PM
Knitting Factory Concert House - BoiseBoise, ID
All Ages
Buy Tickets $27.50 - $60.00